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My results are in – best semester ever – 3 high distinctions and a distinction.  This means I’ve officially passed and finished my degree.  It feels like a real achievement and I’m excited where it’s taking me.  I have made some great friendships with students and professional teaching staff and have the opportunity to pursue my own writing goals with the help and guidance of industry professionals.  It is great to be working on the thing I’m passionate about and to know that this is my true hat in life.

Writing is art and I believe expression through the written word allows an exact imparting of knowledge.  All down the ages written interpretations, whether words or drawings, have been used to communicate things of importance.  The writer takes the reader on a journey through a story, brought alive by imagery and word choice.  I aim to write stories that are thought provoking and provide insight.

Art, whether dancing, singing, acting, painting or writing brings meaning and beauty to life which inspires hope.  It creates a sense of wonder and the idea that anything is possible; it can give meaning when the purpose of life seems unclear.Image