‘Beyond Skies and Plains’ was the first short story that I published on Smashwords back in June last year. I have just recently published a stack of new stories and realised I never did a blog with my front cover. So here’s a reminder blurb and the front cover:
‘Beyond Skies and Plains’ is a story of adventure and love set in the backdrop of Africa, a place very dear to my heart. The story draws on some of my own experiences and impressions of Kenya as a young English girl, growing up and going to school in Nairobi. The vibrancy and spirit of this country was so different to my own – it deeply touched me and filled me with a sense of wonder that has never disappeared. I feel a passion towards the setting of my story as I recall the observations of a child. The story is, of course, fictional but the landscapes are very much alive in my mind.
The short description is as follows:
Serena was just an every-day English girl until the day her father announced they were going to live in Africa. Drawn into a brilliant world of colour and culture, she was catapulted into a dangerous game that would see her mature to womanhood and face consequences beyond skies and plains.

Look out for my next short story: ‘Beyond Captive Seas’.

You can find ‘Beyond Skies and Plains’ at: http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/165776
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