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This is sort of another ‘Hello World’ post.  I have been thinking about the purpose of my blog.  It’s nice to have a medium to promote ‘works’ and what I’m up to writing-wise but I’d like my blog to be more than that.  I’d like it to be useful – a place where subscribers could take whatever information is applicable to them and use it or maybe just take some inspiration.

So here goes.  The first lesson I learned in being a writer is to acknowledge yourself as a writer.  I had too often ignored that inner voice that kept telling me I’m a writer.  I went along with other people’s opinions on what I should do career-wise or what I thought I should be doing and had convinced myself that writing could only be a hobby.  But I was never satisfied.  This deep seated passion bubbled around inside me waiting for a chance to emerge, if I would ever let it.  Then something happened in my life that made me look, really look at what I was doing and I saw for the first time, with complete clarity, that I am a writer and always have been.  I knew I couldn’t ignore this knowledge anymore.  I was determined, more than ever, to follow that purpose.  I knew it was right because I felt alive, exhilarated, enthusiastic and passionate.  These feelings were enough of an indication to me that I had found my purpose, my true purpose and there was no going back.  I aligned my life, my activities, my studies and work with writing and from that moment on I’ve followed it.

There is nothing more exhilarating than words flying across a page as a result of spontaneous creative thought.