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Wild writing is an amazing way to get words on a page if you’re stuck.  Just take any object, picture, word etc and start writing about it.  You can set a time limit like 5 minutes or 15 minutes and just write anything that comes to mind as long as the pen keeps writing and the words keep flowing.  I have done this exercise in a creative writing class and in one of my writing classes at uni and have extracted some amazing lines that I’ve been able to use in my stories.  It’s great for writer’s block.  I often think about a story I’m in the middle of when I’m doing wild writing and concepts seem to come that I can then use later.

It’s quite a liberating thing to write freely with no restraints.  It doesn’t matter what you write because it’s not a finished piece and doesn’t have to be submitted to anyone for inspection.  If you decide to use the piece for a story you can always edit it later.