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I have started this blog coz I guess I want to promote myself as an author.  I’ve been a writer of stories my whole life.  It’s my passion.  I feel alive when I write, transported to a world where anything is possible and I can create the outcomes.  I love developing characters.  I feel a real connection with my characters and each character is important.  There is no better feeling than creating something and writing is definately my art form and my medium for communication.

When I was eight years old I moved from England to Kenya with my family.  Even at that age I put a distinct importance on maintaining the friendships and contacts I already had in life so I became an avid letter writer (there was no internet or emails then).  I wrote to all my friends and family and felt a lot of pleasure in doing this.  When we moved back to the UK I had all my new friends in Kenya to maintain contact with, along with my village friends then boarding school friends etc.  By the time I moved to Australia with my family I had a huge social network – Oh for facebook in those days.  I was writing so many letters and yet I felt it very important to keep in contact.

So I guess what I am trying to say is communication and staying in contact via the written word has always been very key in my life.  I think a blog site is really quite suited to me and I’m surprised I haven’t  set one up before.  What prompted me now is I have self published my first ebook short story at Smashwords.com and would really like to make my work known.  You can see the front cover for my book on my banner and if you go to http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/165776 you can download a portion of my book as a sample or buy it for 99 cents.  I have other short stories and poetry I am planning to publish soon and am working on a novel.  I’m very busy at uni at present so do have to devote a lot of time to my writing projects; they mostly align so that works well.

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