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It’s a while since I’ve been to my blog.  Been very busy researching for my novella and completing Honours at uni.

This week is E-book promotion week at Smashwords.  You can download ‘Beyond Skies and Plains’ and ‘Beyond Captive Seas’ for free for one week only plus I have a number of other short stories and flash fiction which you can download for free.  The direct link to ‘Beyond Skies and Plains’ is  Happy reading!

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Graduation Day!

Today I am attending my graduation for completing Bachelor of Writing, majoring in Creative Writing and English.  So exciting … although I don’t feel like I’ve finished because I went straight on with Honours in Writing.  I am loving it, although it is very hard work.  I’m specialising in practice-led research which has opened up a whole new genre of writing that I am loving.  I am writing an Australian historical fiction piece.  My aim is to contribute new knowledge to this genre and to entertain at the same time.

Offer to do Honours


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I received an offer from my uni to go into the Honours program for writing.  I’m very excited about this.  It’s a whole new ball game from my undergrad degree.  I’ll be working on my own ideas, my own writing pieces etc.  Through researching and reading Australian literature and with my background growing up in Africa, I am really starting to see where my writing is headed, the things that interest me and the message I want to convey.  Cultures, people and life have been a huge fascination of mine since I was introduced to Kenyan culture as a young girl.  I want my writing to be meaningful and I hope it will inspire.  At the same time I still get to embrace the genres I love – romance, drama, adventure, history and fantasy.  I can’t wait!  Already stuck into my research …

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Art brings meaning and beauty to life which inspires hope


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My results are in – best semester ever – 3 high distinctions and a distinction.  This means I’ve officially passed and finished my degree.  It feels like a real achievement and I’m excited where it’s taking me.  I have made some great friendships with students and professional teaching staff and have the opportunity to pursue my own writing goals with the help and guidance of industry professionals.  It is great to be working on the thing I’m passionate about and to know that this is my true hat in life.

Writing is art and I believe expression through the written word allows an exact imparting of knowledge.  All down the ages written interpretations, whether words or drawings, have been used to communicate things of importance.  The writer takes the reader on a journey through a story, brought alive by imagery and word choice.  I aim to write stories that are thought provoking and provide insight.

Art, whether dancing, singing, acting, painting or writing brings meaning and beauty to life which inspires hope.  It creates a sense of wonder and the idea that anything is possible; it can give meaning when the purpose of life seems unclear.Image

Over 1000 Downloads!


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Thank you to all the readers that have downloaded my short stories and poetry. I checked today and there have been 1068 downloads from Smashwords. The top short story is ‘Malaika’ followed by ‘The Story Trail’ then ‘A Letter to the Universe’. If you like the stories, it would be great if you could go to Smashwords and rate them. Thanks again!
Malaika Front Cover second versionThe Story Trail Front Cover second versionA Letter to the Universe Front Cover second version

Read an Ebook Promotion Week at Smashwords


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Hi everyone,
Well I am back at uni now for my last semester, before completing my degree in Creative Writing and English, so it’s all go on the study.
Just wanted to let you know about a promotion that Smashwords is doing, running from midnight 3rd March 2013 to 9th March 2013. It is called ‘Read an E-book Week’.
I have a number of short stories available for free on Smashwords and for this promotion my two longer short stories, which are normally 99 cents, are available for free also.
You can visit my author page and download ‘Beyond Skies and Plains’ and ‘Beyond Captive Seas’ for free by entering the coupon code: RW100 or alternatively any of my other short stories.

Travelling Time Plains


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This is my final publication for now. Look out for some more, mid 2013. This is a poetry collection which takes its inspiration from a variety of things: love, nature, history and travel. I hope you enjoy them. You can find the collection at:

Beyond Skies and Plains

‘Beyond Skies and Plains’ was the first short story that I published on Smashwords back in June last year. I have just recently published a stack of new stories and realised I never did a blog with my front cover. So here’s a reminder blurb and the front cover:
‘Beyond Skies and Plains’ is a story of adventure and love set in the backdrop of Africa, a place very dear to my heart. The story draws on some of my own experiences and impressions of Kenya as a young English girl, growing up and going to school in Nairobi. The vibrancy and spirit of this country was so different to my own – it deeply touched me and filled me with a sense of wonder that has never disappeared. I feel a passion towards the setting of my story as I recall the observations of a child. The story is, of course, fictional but the landscapes are very much alive in my mind.
The short description is as follows:
Serena was just an every-day English girl until the day her father announced they were going to live in Africa. Drawn into a brilliant world of colour and culture, she was catapulted into a dangerous game that would see her mature to womanhood and face consequences beyond skies and plains.

Look out for my next short story: ‘Beyond Captive Seas’.

You can find ‘Beyond Skies and Plains’ at:
Zebra book cover

The Story Trail


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This is the final one of my short stories that I’ll be publishing for now. Back to uni and more writing!! Look out for my poetry collection, coming out next. I really played around with literary techniques in this story along with tenses and points of view so I hope you like it.
Here is the short description:
In the gallant world of ball gowns and society parties, a young woman questions her life. Does she really have to succumb to the pressure of expectation or can she soar free, achieving her dreams? An unexpected meeting rocks her world and she carries the effects of this through the passage of time.
You can download ‘The Story Trail’ for free from:
The Story Trail Front Cover second version

Beyond Captive Seas


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This story was inspired by the novel that I am writing and is longer than my other flash fiction. Here is the short description:
This story spans time, connecting with key events that led to that fateful day when Ariana met her destiny and had her world tipped upside down, again. Stolen, when she was only six years old, Ariana had been forced to work as a slave on a smuggling ship. She endured the heartache for many years until one event forced her to make a decision that would change her life forever …
You can find ‘Beyond Captive Seas’ at: